Mangoesteen products: from the lab bench to the world market
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Mangoesteen products: from the lab bench to the world market

Mangoesteen products: from the lab bench to the world market

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Professor Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra 

Mangosteen Research and Development Center, Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co., Ltd.


Both in Thailand and other countries, people with skin problems, psoriasis, gastro-

intestinal ulcers, arthritis, diabetes, allergy, hyper-thyroid, liver damage, kidney 

damage, cancer, aids, high blood pressure and Parkinson’s diseases have successfully 

alleviated their symptoms by using mangosteen-derived products. These products, 

developed from the findings of researchers of Thai Mangosteen Research and Development 

Center (MRDC), are cosmetics containing GM-1 from mangosteen, the dietary supplement 

containing synergistic mixture of GM-1 and refined food extracts, and the mangosteen 

essence with standardized content of GM-1 but without the rind material that may be 

contaminated with insecticides and has liver-toxic content of dark-brown tannins.

The success in developing these popular, widely-appreciated as safe and efficacious 

products results from the application of scientific findings of the researchers from 

MRDC in conjunction with innovative marketing techniques.

This presentation will describe the pathway of product development, starting from its 

beginning in 1977. The impression of volunteers and consumers who have used these 

products will be presented together with the modes of actions, particularly the 

immuno-modulating activities, that are responsible for the corresponding efficacy.


Lab Data of BIM Capsule and BIM Mangoesteen Juice
Antioxidation and antimalarial activities of xanthones from mangoesteen
Anti-bacterial activities of xanthones from mangoesteen
Anti-inflammation of xanthones from mangoesteen
Molecular investigation on anti-cartilage degradation by xanthones from mangoesteen